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King's Gambit

King's Gambit

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John Shaw

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The King's Gambit (1.e4,e5; 2.f4) should be the favourite opening of every attacking player. In the glory days of Paul Morphy, in the nineteenth century, to play anything else was regarded as almost cowardly; but in modern times the popularity of the King's Gambit has faded. Today's players, under the influence of their computer programs, are more materialistic and loath to sacrifice a pawn for long-term compensation. The honourable exceptions are Alexander Morozevich and Nigel Short, two world-class players who are willing to risk the King's Gambit.

In this monumental work Grandmaster John Shaw subjects the ancient opening to an unprecendented level of scrutiny, with in-depth analysis solving many of the supposed problems with the King's Gambit. Despite the complexity of the material, the reader will have no difficulties following the book, as Shaw clearly explains the issues using his skill as an experienced author. In the (many) years this book has taken to produce Shaw has uncovered many interesting and original ideas and much new analysis, including the "refutation" of 3.Bc4!

The romantic King's Gambit was favoured by the chess elite of the 19th century, but can it thrive in the 21st century? Without doubt John Shaw's beautifully written and presented book does full justice to a venerable and still fully viable opening. John Shaw is a Scottish Grandmaster and has been Scottish Champion three times.

Published 2013, softback, 680 pages.

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