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Killer Chess Opening Repertoire

Killer Chess Opening Repertoire

Ref: g5418

Product type: Printed book

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Aaron Summerscale & Sverre Johnsen

Sample pages (pdf)

This is an updated edition of the very popular White repertoire book based on 1.d4 and including the Barry Attack, the 150 Attack and the Colle-Zukertort System as well as Anti-Dutch and Anti-Benoni systems. The brutal Barry Attack is used to combat King’s Indian setups, The 150 Attack gives Pirc/Modern exponents a hard time and the Colle-Zukertort System is played against 1...d5. Also includes an antidote to the Queen's Indian Defence. Each attacking system is explained with the aid of 68 annotated example games. The selected lines of play combine to form a well-thought-out repertoire for White.

For this expanded edition Sverre Johnsen has updated some analysis in light of recent developments but has left the strategic explanations unchanged and stuck to the spirit of the original work as far as possible.

Published 2010, softback, 192 pages.


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