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Hyper Accelerated Dragon (2018 Edition)

Hyper Accelerated Dragon (2018 Edition)

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Product type: Printed book

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Raja Panjwani

2nd Extended Edition 2018

This book presents a repertoire for Black after 1.e4 c5; 2.Nf3 g6; - the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon. One of the remarkable things about the Accelerated Dragon is its appeal to players with vastly different styles.

Sample pages (pdf)

From the introduction:

Compare Bent Larsen, the epitome of dynamic, offbeat, risky chess, with Sergei Tiviakov, who claimed in an interview recently that his style has been shaped most by Petrosian (who was a great Accelerated Dragon devotee himself), Smyslov, and Karpov - both these players have championed the Accelerated Dragon as their main weapon against 1.e4 and yet their styles are in many ways polar opposites of each other!

"How can this be? I think that when playing the Accelerated Dragon it "feels" like you are playing White, not Black (albeit in a hypermodern manner). What I mean is, in chess, White tends to be the one to control the tempo of the game. The situation is, to the well prepared Accelerated Dragon player, precisely the reverse: in the Maroczy, for example, there are half a dozen different ways for Black to develop, and players of diverse styles can choose the one which suits them best (or vary their choice depending on practical considerations)."

"Black controls the tempo and determines the character of the struggle, which is why it is so effective in must-win games. Furthermore, unlike in many 1..e5 openings, or in most other Sicilians like the Kan, Sveshnikov, or even the Najdorf, White’s choices are rather limited if he does not want to end up slightly worse out of the opening."

Author Raja Panjwani, from Kitchener, Canada, holds the title of International Master and attends Yale University.

Published 2018, softback, 244 pages.

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