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How To Think In Chess

How To Think In Chess

Ref: r9010

Product type: Printed book

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Jan Przewoznik & Marek Soszynski

Of course clear thinking wins chess games but it's not how far ahead you can calculate, rather what you think about and the way you think that counts for most. Here the authors explain some of the thinking methods employed by leading players and, drawing at times on Adriaan de Groot's classic "Thought and Choice in Chess" they offer you techniques to evaluate and improve your own thinking processes.

The book is a strong combination of theory and over 200 example positions, with solutions, which you should attempt to analyse, recording your thoughts, in a timed session. The final part examines how to use sports psychology in your preparation and how to cope with stress during play. If you want practical techniques which will help to change the way you think about and play chess then read this!

Published 2001, softback, 281 pages.

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