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How To Play The Najdorf Vol. 3 (PC-DVD)

How To Play The Najdorf Vol. 3 (PC-DVD)

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Product type: Software for PC

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Garry Kasparov

The Najdorf system in the Sicilian Defence has a legendary reputation as a defensive weapon for Black. It is an opening where people often strive for a full point, instead of simply defending the position with the black pieces. Many great players have contributed to the development of this complex opening. Two world champions formed much of their careers using the Najdorf system as their weapon of choice against 1.e4: Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. Both players celebrated spectacular successes with it, both used the Najdorf during their child prodigy years and retained it as an important part of their repertoire during their entire careers.

For chess amateurs and professionals alike it is a great moment when the world’s leading expert shares all the secrets in his favourite opening. In part one Garry Kasparov introduced the various subsystems of the Najdorf, including the central Poisoned Pawn variation. Part two was devoted to the main lines against 6.Bg5 e6 7.f4, including the legendary Polugaevsky Variation. In Part three he examines the move 6.Be3, which is today considered the main line in the Najdorf System. The PC-DVD contains more than five hours of first-class private tuition. The package includes the Chess Base 9.0 Reader, a big reference database featuring all relevant Najdorf games, as well as a complete opening book that can be used to practice what you have learnt with Fritz.

System requirements: Windows 10/8/7, DVD-ROM drive, Windows Media Player 9 or above. Published 2007.
Free ChessBase 9 Reader software included. Current ChessBase Reader 17 available to download free from here

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