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How To Play The Chess Openings

How To Play The Chess Openings

Ref: d2795

Product type: Printed book

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Eugene Znosko-Borovsky

In this handy guide to the chess openings the author explians the four rules of general opening play before examining each individual opening more closely with explanation of the ideas behind the opening as well as example lines of play to illustrate each side's plans in action.

The openings are divided into four groups: open games, closed games, half-open games and modern openings, which includes many flank openings.

Although originally written in 1935, much of the information contained in this book remains as valid today as when written. The clarity of Znosko-Borovsky's teaching is what makes his books continue to be popular years after they were first published.

Eugene Znosko-Borovsky was a Russian chess master, born in St Petersburg, who later settled in Paris. During his chess career he defeated Capablanca, Rubinstein and Euwe but is most admired as a chess teacher and author.

This book is in English descriptive notation (1.P-K4 etc.)

Published 1971 (orig 1935), softback, descriptive notation, 153 pages.

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