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How To Play Against 1.d4

How To Play Against 1.d4

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Richard Palliser

In part one of this book I.M. Richard Palliser advocates the Czech Benoni (1.d4,Nf6; 2.c4,c5; 3.d5,e5;) as a practical defence for Black against 1.d4. It's plus points are it's relative rarity - in both club and Grandmaster level chess - and that the closed nature of the early play means that an understanding of strategy is more important than memorizing long, complicated lines of play.

Part two recommends the alternative Closed Benoni (1.d4,c5;) as an answer to Colle and London System players: one which will divert them from their standard set-up into uncharted territory.

By analyzing 29 complete games, in both systems, Palliser manages to cover all White's attacking attempts and to show how Black should handle the opening, both strategically and tactically. The book abounds with hints, tips and warnings, giving graphic illustrations of the key points to remember.

The Czech Benoni is a sound defence for Black to 1.d4 and one which has been unjustly neglected.

Author Richard Palliser is an International Master and a former British Rapidplay Champion. He is one of the leading contemporary chess authors, respected both for the thoroughness and objectivity of his writing.

Published 2010, softback, 256 pages.


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