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How Chess Games Are Won And Lost

How Chess Games Are Won And Lost

Ref: g5401

Product type: Printed book

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Lars Bo Hansen

Sample pages (pdf)

This is a chess improvement book with a difference! GM Lars Bo Hansen offers practical advice on chess preparation but, whereas traditionally, chess games are divided into three stages - opening, middlegame and endgame - in this important work the author presents chess as a game of five phases, explaining the "dos" and "don'ts" in each: * the opening * transition from opening to middlegame * the middlegame * transition from middlegame to endgame * technical endgames. A final chapter offers practical tips on both pre-game preparation as well as advice for during play.

With a wealth of examples from both his own practice and that of other Grandmasters, Hansen discusses the typical mistakes and pitfalls, and shows how to handle the subtleties unique to each stage. He also advises on how to work on your chess in each aspect of the game. Of special value is his explanation of how to study typical middlegames, together with his discovery that middlegame preparation - a neglected area for most players - is both possible and necessary.

Lars Bo Hansen is a well-known grandmaster from Denmark. He has won the Danish Championship on two occasions, and represented his country in four olympiads, winning a bronze medal for his individual performance in 1990. Away from the board, he teaches and lectures on business studies, with a particular focus on marketing, organization and strategy.

Published 2008, softback, 255 pages.

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