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Houdini Pro Aquarium 2015 (PC-DVD)

Houdini Pro Aquarium 2015 (PC-DVD)

Ref: CAH15P

Product type: Software for PC

Houdini PRO Aquarium 2015 is a revolutionary analysis, database and chess publishing tool, combined with one of the the world's strongest chess playing engines, Houdini 4 PRO, which supports up to 32 cores and 32 GB of hash.

Houdini PRO Aquarium 2015 offers advanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerful chess trees, playing against the computer, databases, advanced publishing features and much more:

* Interactive Deep Analysis is the most advanced chess analysis method available today.

* Infinite Analysis is more flexible than ever with analysis presets.

* Find Blunders and Game Analysis for analyzing whole games.

* Play against the computer. Choose from three different strength handicap methods, material handicap or time handicap.

* Publish your games, analyses or even whole chess books! Publish as Aquarium iBook, on the web/blog or in print.

* Compatibility with major opening book and database formats.

* Databases of about 6.2 million games in total (up to October 15, 2014) that can be updated from the www.chessok.com website each week with 1500 new games for free.

* Houdini 4 PRO can be also used in Fritz and other chess programs.

* You also receive free access to 7-piece Lomonosov endgame tablebases via the Aquarium interface or at www.chessok.com until 31.12.2015.

* Bonus Disc: Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2014, which includes rich theoretical material on all openings.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

System requirements: PC, 256 MB RAM, 4GB of free disk space, Windows 8/7/XP/Vista. Internet access during installation and to access Lomonsov tablebases.

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Sale price:30.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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