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Grandmaster vs Amateur

Grandmaster vs Amateur

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Product type: Printed book

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John Shaw & Jacob Aagaard (Editors)

Learn to think and win like a Grandmaster

Sample pages (pdf)

A multinational array of top Grandmasters annotate some of their own games against amateurs and explain the differences in thinking between professional and amateur chess players, and how the amateur can bridge the gap. Each author concludes with some tips on improvement for the amateur player.

It usually takes at least a decade of sustained effort for even the most talented player to reach the Grandmaster level and though this book cannot guarantee to make the reader a Grandmaster, it is certainly a healthy nudge in the right direction.

The authors are:
GM Pavel Eljanov
GM Boris Avrukh
GM Mihail Marin
GM Peter Heine Nielsen
GM Tiger Hillarp Persson
GM Jacob Aagaard
GM John Shaw

Published 2011, softback, 196 pages.
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