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Garry Kasparov On Fischer: My Great Predecessors (Part Four)

Garry Kasparov On Fischer: My Great Predecessors (Part Four)

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Garry Kasparov

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In this book, a must for all serious chessplayers, Garry Kasparov analyses in-depth over 50 of Bobby Fischer's greatest games and assesses the legacy of this great American genius. The author is the world number one and, by common consent, the greatest player ever. The subject of the book is the only American to have become world champion and is probably the greatest natural talent the world has ever seen.

In the first part of the book Kasparov also analyses the games of other Westerners who challenged the Soviet domination of chess: Samuel Reshevsky, Miguel Najdorf and Bent Larsen. In each case the games are put into their historical context and their importance to the player's career explained. Recently new light has been shed on Fischer's background and the political repercussions of his rise to fame by the release of documents from both the ex Soviet Union and FBI files and this is reflected in the biographical material included here.

The book is both an outstanding contribution to chess history and a wonderful collection of games annotated by one of the World's greatest ever players. Contains 107 games in all.

Published 2004, hardback, 496 pages.

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