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Gambit Killer

Gambit Killer

Ref: t1026

Product type: Printed book

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Ivan Salgado Lopez

Sample pages (pdf)

A repertoire against the most common gambit lines in d -pawn openings. The book has an easy-to-follow format:

1. Introduction. Some basics about the gambit and recommended line of play.
2. Historical games. Important games with typical themes and ideas.
3. One Page of Theory. Brief outline of the recommended line of play.
4. The theory. More in depth look at the most important lines. Computer checked analysis.
5. Understand it! Typical middlegames where the concrete lines are not so important. Examine some positions more deeply, so that you have a clear plan.
6. Complete games and try it! Model games and exercises which you can solve. The idea of these exercises is that you don't just follow a game passively.

Gambits included are:
The Budapest Gambit
The Blumenfeld Gambit
The Tarrasch And Marshall Gambits
The Von Hennig-Schara Gambit
Slav Gambits
Dutch Gambits
Easily Refuted Gambits
The Albin Gambit

Ivan Salgado Lopez is a Spanish chess Grandmaster and former Spanish champion.

Published 2018, softback, 206 pages.

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