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Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games

Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games

Ref: t1068

Product type: Printed book

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Boroljub Zlatanovic

Sample pages (pdf)

Rather than choose games of a particular opening and look for an interesting idea or even a brilliant novelty, the author recommends a different concept altogether, based on the famous Soviet school of chess.

The focus is on understanding strategical concepts, principles and underlying logic. Fashionable opening lines will be forgotten (or re-evaluated) sooner or later, but understanding cannot be lost, and can be only upgraded. Some players are well equipped with opening lines, but are unable to realise a big positional advantage in an endgame. So, this book's advice is to concentrate on Strategy and Logic.

The games chosen for the book were chosen for their logic and instructive value. They are useful for exploring many important points: How to evaluate a position and choose an appropriate plan? Where to attack? When to attack? When to exchange? How to realise an advantage? etc.

Published 2020, softback, 507 pages.

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