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French Defence Advance Variation Vol. 1: Basic Course

French Defence Advance Variation Vol. 1: Basic Course

Ref: L0523

Product type: Printed book

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Evgeny Sveshnikov

The well-known grandmaster and theoretician Evgeny Sveshnikov has used the Advance Variation (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5) more than 150 times in tournament play with a score of more than 70%. Many theoretically important games have been excluded by the author from "official" chess databases, and here they are exclusively published for the first time.

Volume 1 (Basic Course) contains the following main chapters:
Historical overview of the Closed Variation
Plans for White and Black on the basis of 80 thoroughly annotated games
The Many Facets of the blockade
70 test positions: what would you play?

Sveshnikov explains many aspects of the French Advance Variation such as the attack on the king, space advantage, blockade and play on both wings, with illustrative games and test positions.

Evgeny Sveshnikov is a Russian Grandmaster and renowned theoretical expert in the French Advance, c3 Sicilian and Sicilian Sveshnikov System.

Published 2007, softback, 176 pages.

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