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Forcing Chess Moves (4th Edition)

Forcing Chess Moves (4th Edition)

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Product type: Printed book

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Charles Hertan

The Key to Better Calculation

Sample pages (pdf)

Forcing Chess Moves aims to train the reader to be a better tactician and to be able to find and accurately calculate forcing lines in his or her own games. Charles Hertan has made an astonishing discovery: the failure to consider key moves is often due to human bias. Your brain tends to disregard many winning moves because they are counter-intuitive or look unnatural.

It's a fact of life: computers outdo us humans when it comes to tactical vision and brute force calculation. So why not learn from them? Charles Hertan's radically different approach is: use COMPUTER EYES and always look for the most forcing move first.

By studying forcing sequences according to Hertan's method you will:
* Develop analytical precision
* Improve your tactical vision
* Overcome human bias and staleness
* Enjoy the calculation of difficult positions
* Win more games by recognizing moves that matter.

In thirteen chapter of examples and exercises Hertan examines, Stock forcing Moves, Stock Mating Attacks, Brute Forcing Moves, Surprise Forcing Moves, Zwischenzugs and many other tactical concepts.

This New and Extended Fourth Edition of Hertan's award-winning modern classic includes 50 extra pages with new and instructive combinations. There is a foreword by three-time US chess champion Joel Benjamin, and a special foreword to this new edition by Swedish Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson.

Published 2019, softback, 432 pages.

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