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Fighting The Anti-Sicilians

Fighting The Anti-Sicilians

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Product type: Printed book

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Richard Palliser

The Anti-Sicilians include such lines as the Morra Gambit, Grand Prix Attack, c3 Sicilian, Closed Sicilian and various other offbeat ideas.

For this book I.M. Richard Palliser has put together a repertoire for Black which is sound but dynamic enough to offer winning chances against Anti-Sicilian systems. He tries to offer ideas for both ..e6 and ..Nc6 Sicilian players to make the repertoire accessible to all players of 1..c5.

The nine main chapters here cover the c3 Sicilian, 2.Nc3 move order issues, the Closed Sicilian, The Grand Prix Attack, Kingside Fianchettos for White, Queenside Fianchettos for White and Gambits. As usual with Palliser the recommended lines are well thought out and thoroughly researched.

Richard Palliser is an International Master from England with a reputation as a diligent and thorough chess author.

Published 2007, softback, 254 pages.

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