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Essential Chess Sacrifices

Essential Chess Sacrifices

Ref: g0003

Product type: Printed book

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David Lemoir

Sample pages (pdf)

Sacrifices are an essential part of chess. Those who never consider sacrificing will miss countless opportunities and find that promising positions repeatedly slip away. Players who do not appreciate their opponents' sacrificial possibilities will be unable to see danger signs, and find themselves on the wrong end of too many king-hunts.

This book examines some typical sacrificial ideas such as those on b5, d5 and e6 in the Sicilian and sacrifices against the castled king position. Rather than merely cataloguing the various possibilities and providing examples, LeMoir discusses the possible follow-ups to the sacrifices, the defensive options against them, and the positional factors that might suggest whether the sacrifice will be sound or unsound. There are many important types of chess positions that can only be played well by those who understand the thematic sacrifices that are possible.

Published 2003, softback, 256 pages.

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