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English ..e5: Reversed Sicilian Lines

English ..e5: Reversed Sicilian Lines

Ref: p4339

Product type: Printed book

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Alex Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik

The 1...e5 variation of the English Opening leads to a diversity of stimulating positions, from wild tactical mêlées to slow positional battles.

In this book, Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik explain in detail the positional and tactical possibilities for both White and Black after the initial moves 1.c4,e5; 2.Nc3. Using 80 annotated, illustrative games, Raetsky and Chetverik outline the current fashions in both the main variations and the tricky sidelines.

Part One examines systems where White plays an early Nf3 including the Four Knights and Three Knights variations. Part Two looks at lines where White plays 3.g3 including the Keres System, Reversed Sicilian and finchetto defences. Part Three wraps up lesser played lines such as 2..Bb4 and 2..d6 as well as lines with an early ..f7-f5 for Black. Includes an index of games but not of opening lines although the contents page suffices in most cases.

Both authors are International Masters from Russia.

Published 2003, softback, 208 pages.


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