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English Defence

English Defence

Ref: a3082

Product type: Printed book

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Ilia Odessky

A highly entertaining and thorough analysis of the opening variation 1.d4,e6; 2.c4,b6; The main focus of attention is 3.e4 with which White attempts to crush Black. However, as Odessky shows, things are far from clear. White immediately wants to punish the "disturber of the peace" for his neglect of opening principles, but in this case Black sets his opponent such a variety of mines and traps, that he can gain an advantage - by omitting the equalising stage!

The main point of Black's opening is that White is forced to think for himself and is also faced with specific tactical challenges from an early stage. The repertoire is illustrated through a mixture of text and annotated games.

The author, not relying solely on his own store of words, constantly invokes the classics, citing them right, left and centre. Characters from world literature and even departed personalities strive to take an active part in the analysis of variations!

Ilia Odessky is a journalist and International Chess Master.

Published 2008, hardback, 270 pages.

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