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Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings: Volume B - Part 1

Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings: Volume B - Part 1

Ref: y7111

Product type: Printed book

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Branko Tadic (Ed)

Contents page (pdf)

Eighteen years passed since the previous edition of the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings: Volume B was released. The publishers have tried to keep all the major qualities of the previous ECO Volumes intact, but to make the book easier to read and browse through, especially when used as a source of reference.

The material gathered was so rich in details and nuances,that it was ultimately decided to publish the ECO B Volume in two parts. Omitting any of the lines would have been not-in-keeping with the ethos of the Encyclopedia series, so two volumes will be required to enable readers to read and digest the material in its completeness.

Finally, the human touch remains crucial, so all the members of the editorial crew gave their absolute best in researching, analysing, evaluating and suggesting lines of the greatest value and strength, thus allowing the reader to apply the lines in their own games with complete confidence.

Volume B - Part 1 contents:
B 00 King's Pawn Opening
B 01 Scandinavian Defence
B 02-05 Alekhine's Defence
B 06 Robatsch (Modern) Defence
B 07-09 Pirc Defence
B 10-19 Caro-Kann Defence
B 22 Sicilian Defence, Alapin Variation 2.c3
B 23-26 Sicilian Defenece, Closed Variation 2.Nc3
B 33 Sicilian Defence, Lasker/Sveshnikov Variation
B 34-39 Sicilian Defence, Accelerated Fianchetto
B 40-49 Sicilian Defence, Paulsen-Kan/Taimanov Variation

Published 2020, hardback, 484 pages.

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