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Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings II: Rook Endings 1

Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings II: Rook Endings 1

Ref: y7069

Product type: Printed book

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Branko Tadic (Editor)

The First Edition of ECE II Rook 1 was compiled by Andras Adorjan, Alexander Beliavsky, Walter Browne, Lubomir Ftacnik, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Lubomir Kavalek, Vlado Kovacevic, John Nunn and Jan Timman. The Second Edition comes to the surface 30 years later! It is still based on the work of these giants, but heavily updated and revised.

This volume covers all rook and pawn endings, from rook + 1 pawn vs. rook to endings with rook and multiple pawns on both sides. Rook vs minor piece endings will be covered in volume III. There are 1930 diagrammed, educational examples inside for you to solve (actually more than 2000 counting separate endings in variations), together with solutions to each.

No doubt, this is a most valuable tool for learning rook and pawn endgames, which will be greatly appreciated by advancing players or trainers. Yet, if you are looking for verbal explanation, it is the wrong place to go. Nobody will tell you about the sixth rank rule, the bridge, a- and c-pawns vs. rook, or simple things like the rook should be placed behind the pawn aiming to promote and that you should cut the opponent's king off. But you will recognize not only this but much more by yourself.

After 511 pages the moment of awakening will come! Your technique will be precise and these complicated maneuverings will already be in your DNA because you used first-rate resources with which to do your own methodical work. This book won't let you down and leave you fading into chess obscurity.

Statistically, rook endgames will emerge in 80% of all chess endings. In the chess world they say that all rook endgames are drawn; but, with the help of this book, you may find that many of those draws will become wins!

Published 2014, hardback, 511 pages.

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