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Dynamics Of Chess Strategy

Dynamics Of Chess Strategy

Ref: b8608

Product type: Printed book

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Vlastimil Jansa

This is an ambitious book concerned with flexibility of thought and the ability to adapt to changing strategic circumstances on the board. The author has selected three openings: The Spanish Opening, Grunfeld Defence and Sicilian Scheveningen as his main battleground and he investigates the key ideas behind these systems, stopping at critical moments to ask questions of the reader which concern the nature of the position and the plans for either side. The aim is to help the reader develop a feeling of self reliance when analysing positions rather than always needing to memorize long variations. Jansa also examines systems of play in the Caro-Kann and Sveshnikov Sicilian again stressing how an awareness of tiny details of a position is essential in forming and reforming a suitable plan of action.

Vlastimil Jansa is a Czech Grandmaster and today coaches young players.

Published 2003, softback, 219 pages.


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