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Dismantle The Dutch Defense With The Dangerfield Attack

Dismantle The Dutch Defense With The Dangerfield Attack

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Product type: Printed book

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David Rudel

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The Dangerfield Attack is a White setup with an early Bf4 against the Dutch Defence. White plays 1.d4, 2.Bf4, or 1.d4, 2.Nf3, and 3.Bf4, against the Classical, Stonewall and Leningrad Systems, taking Black on to unfamiliar territory early on in the game.

The book begins with a "2 Hour Dangerfield Attack Primer" explaining the various strategies open to White and how to respond to some typical Black piece setups. This section also includes some sample games to illustrate White's plans in action.

Further chapters explore White's attacking options against the Clssical Dutch, Stonewall Dutch, Leningrad System, Leningrad Deferred and the Fianchetto Dutch (with ..b6;), offering analysis and explanation of the positions arising.

David Rudel is author of the popular books "Zuke-Em", "The Moment of Zuke" and "The Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack".

Please note: This book is the Anti-Dutch segment from Rudel's much larger book "Fight the King's Indian, Grunfeld and Dutch Defences with Zuka". If you already have the larger book do not buy this one!

Published 2012, softback, 167 pages.

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