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10% Book/CD/DVD discount

10% Book/CD/DVD discount

Retail customers enjoy a 10% discount on any order for two or more qualifying books, CDs or DVDs bought from Chess Direct Ltd! Qualifying products are indicated individually in the on-line shop.
Starter Packs for Clubs and schools!

Starter Packs for Clubs and schools!

Enjoy massive savings on pieces. boards and clocks for your school or local chess club! View Starter Pack Offers
ECF member accounts

ECF member accounts

New ECF member discounts

A new agreement between the ECF and Chess Direct Ltd. means that ECF members are able to shop at discounted prices by creating an ECF member account on our site.

How to sign up
In order to shop at the discounted prices you will need to log-in to our site as an ECF member. Please submit a completed ECF member account form
We will send you an email when your account has been created. (Office hours Monday to Friday only. Public holidays & weekends excluded).

If you already have an account on our site and wish to convert this to an ECF member account just send us an email request with your name, postcode, ECF member number and category.

These new ECF member discounts will replace the previous voucher-code based discounts. Existing voucher codes may still be used.

Member Account Discounts
Discounts depend on your ECF membership category:
Platinum: 15% discount
Gold/Silver/Bronze: 10% discount
Supporter: 5% discount

Discounts will apply to individual base prices only and are not in addition to any other discounts or special offers made available by Chess Direct Ltd. (e.g. quantity discounts, discounted books/software & equipment starter-packs)

Items excluded from ECF member discount:
Magazine subscriptions
Giant Chess products
Second-hand books
Gift vouchers
Chess Scotland member discount

Chess Scotland member discount

Note: the discount will apply to your next order after an initial order.
Please quote your Chess Scotland pnum. (this is not your grading code) on the checkout page in the relevant box.
Your name and membership number must appear on the current Chess Scotland online membership list in order to claim this discount.
After placing an initial order, current members will be emailed a voucher code to claim 5% discount off their next order with Chess Direct Ltd.
Each discount code is single use only. Discount applies only to orders placed online at www.chessdirect.co.uk.

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