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Dangerous Weapons: The Nimzo-Indian

Dangerous Weapons: The Nimzo-Indian

Ref: p4424

Product type: Printed book

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John Emms, Chris Ward & Richard Palliser

The Dangerous Weapons series concentrates on variations which are ambitious, sharp, tricky and innovative in any given opening. In this book the authors suggest opening ideas for both White and Black, in the Nimzo-Indian, which meet these criteria.

The main sections cover 4.Qc2, 4.e3, 4.Nf3, Saemisch/4.f3 and the Leningrad System with Dangerous Weapons and Tricky Transpositions highlighted throughout. There is plenty of thought provoking stuff here, mostly tested by unorthodox Grandmasters, to inspire the adventurous. If you're looking for unexplored positions brimming with razor sharp tactics, for either White or Black, in the Nimzo-Indian this is the place to start.

John Emms and Chris Ward are English Grandmasters whilst Richard Palliser is an International Master. All three are respected authors with numerous successful chess books to their names.

Published 2006, softback, 272 pages.

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