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Dangerous Weapons: Anti Sicilians

Dangerous Weapons: Anti Sicilians

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Product type: Printed book

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John Emms, Richard Palliser & Peter Wells

In Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians, prominent opening specialists John Emms, Richard Palliser and Peter Wells examine some hardcore ideas for Black in White's most popular Anti-Sicilian systems and some little explored methods for White to throw Black off balance in lesser known Anti-Sicilians. Each "weapon" comes with one or more illustrative games, a theory section and the authors' conclusions, giving the reader plenty of background and ammunition for their own games.

In twelve chapters the authors offer bold possibilities in the c3 Sicilian, Bb5 Sicilians, Closed Sicilian and some early divergences for White against both 1..c5/2..Nc6 and 1..c5/2..d6. Tactically sharp positions arise in most cases where the more imaginative player can triumph.

Grandmasters John Emms and Peter Wells and International Master Richard Palliser are all highly respected authors and active players.

Published 2009, softback, 285 pages.
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