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DVD Roman's Lab Vol. 69

DVD Roman's Lab Vol. 69

Ref: dvdr69

Product type: DVD Video

In stock

Roman Dzindzichashvili

Anti-English: Complete and Ambitious System for Black against 1.c4

On this DVD Roman will give you an easy to learn, complete setup for Black to play against the English. This New system is great because it gives Black a clear plan of attack which will be too fast for your opponent, who will unsuspectingly be following theory. Romans original Anti-English ideas and concepts were verified by Rybka and are only available on this DVD. The minmum you will get out of this opening is equality with a plan that is unfamilar to your oponnent So, if you are like most players, and hate playing against the English you now have a surprise secret weapon - The Dzin Anti-English!!!

Over one hour of instructional video.

Our Price:7.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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