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DVD Roman's Lab Vol. 36: Art Of Defense

DVD Roman's Lab Vol. 36: Art Of Defense

Ref: dvdr36

Product type: DVD Video

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Roman Dzindzichashvili

On this DVD Roman will teach you the Art Of Defence using 4 highly instructional games Roman will demonstrate the importance of knowing how to defend in order to anticipate your opponent's counter chances.

Game 1 Averbakh vs. Spassky is one of the most amazing defensive games ever played Spassky gives up a knight for a pawn to create long term defensive counterplay.
Game 2 Vaganian vs. Gulko Excellent example of passive defence followed by active counterplay and great defending.
Game 3 Petrosian vs. Spassky is one of the most highly instructional games of active defence ever played
Game 4 which won Roman a brilliancy prize is a great game with lots of tactics and missed defensive opportunities.

Grandmaster Video Magazine #10 with GM Daniel King
A star lineup - Kasparov, Anand, Short, Kramnik, Adams, Ivanchuk, Timman, Vyzhmanavin, Kamsky, Smirin, Azmaiparashvili, Ehlvest, Malaniuk, Yudasin, Shirov and Korchnoi battle for $160,000 in the first leg of the Intel World Chess Grand Prix, 1994. With live coverage from the Kremlin, Moscow you'll see round by round highlights with all the key games.
Watch out for: A series of dramatic time trouble escapades - Amazing sacrifices from Shirov and Vyzhmanavin - Lightning play by Indian speed star Vishy Anand - Kramnik's brilliant with World Champion Kasparov - Fascinating and instructive games from every round.

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