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Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player: Volume 2

Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player: Volume 2

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Product type: Printed book

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Robert Ris

Sample pages (pdf)

International Master and professional chess coach Robert Ris focuses on aspects of play which can significantly stimulate your practical abilities and the decision making process.

Volume 2 examines the abilities of each the different pieces in the game.

Chapter 1 is about the role of the king in the endgame. The examples are mainly from the well known endgame of rook vs pawn, but of course the techniques discussed can be applied to other type of endings, as you can see in the next chapters.

The topic of chapter 2 is same-coloured bishop endings, where the importance of mastering pawn structures is highlighted.

Pure opposite coloured bishop endings (Chapter 3) are a different story altogether and among club players they have a very drawish (and perhaps boring) reputation. Spectacular examples from games by the world's best players aim to give the reader new inspiration to study such positions.

With major pieces on the board the side having the initiative usually benefits from the presence of opposite-coloured bishops, as Chapter 4 shows.

Chapter 5 covers the eternal question of whether the knight is stronger than the bishop or vice versa. No new answers or conclusions to be expected here, but rather new examples, further deepening your understanding of this complicated subject.

Chapter 6 discusses the power of major pieces, a favourite topic of the author. It is still fascinating to see how much damage the powerful duo of queen plus rook can cause without any other pieces on the board.

The remaining chapters, 7-11, focus on material imbalances, examining various distributions of material. Of course these topics have been discussed in other works, but Ris offers a lot of fresh examples from the highest level as well as a number of games from his own practice.

An understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each piece encourages confidence in complicated positions, with material imbalances, where precise calculation and dynamic play is required in order to put pressure on an opponent's position.

Published 2019, softback, 390 pages.

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