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Corr Database 2018 (PC-DVD) - Upgrade from Corr Database 2015

Corr Database 2018 (PC-DVD) - Upgrade from Corr Database 2015

Ref: CBC18U

Product type: Software for PC

In stock

Corr Database 2018 - upgrade from Corr Database 2015 only.

To upgrade to Corr Database 2018 from Corr Database 2015 please order this product and enter the serial number from your Corr Database 2015 package in the box below. We will send you the Corr Database 2018 PC-DVD.

1,431,813 correspondence games

Corr Database 2018 is an extensive collection of correspondence games, featuring classical correspondence games played by mail as well as email games. The PC-DVD contains 1,431,813 games from 1804 to 2017 including all games of the correspondence chess world championships 1-28, correspondence chess olympics 1-18, correspondence chess European championships, national championships (AUS, CSR, DEN, GER, NED, USA).

Corr 2018 also features a correspondence chess playerbase, which includes about 522,222 names. A must for every player of correspondence chess!

System requirements: 1 GHz Pentium PC, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, 512 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, ChessBase 14, 13 or 12.
Published October 2017.

Our Price:89.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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