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Complete Repertoire For Black Using The Sharpest Systems

Complete Repertoire For Black Using The Sharpest Systems

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John Emms & Joe Gallagher

This edition is a compilation of two earlier books, bound together, featuring two of the sharpest openings for Black - The Sicilian Najdorf against 1.e4 and The King's Indian Defence against 1.d4.

The two books included in the compilation are:

1) Play The King's Indian - Joe Gallagher

This sequel to the same author's Starting Out: The King's Indian is aimed at players, already playing the King's Indian, who are in search of new ideas and at newcomers to the defence who want a more in-depth analysis.

In a Black repertoire book offering options against all White's major attacking lines Gallagher considers both 7..Nc6; and 7..Na6; against the Classical System, 6..c5; against the Saemisch, 6..Nbd7; with 8..a6; against the Fianchetto System, 6..c5; and 9..Bg4 against the Four Pawns Attack and lines with ..e5 against the Averbakh and h3 systems.

Analysis is concentrated on the late opening and early middlegame stages and is based around 74 complete, extensively annotated games from master play. Indexes of variations and players included.

Joe Gallagher is an English Grandmaster who was British Champion in 2001. He has established a reputation as a leading chess author by virtue of the excellent standard of his previous books.

Originally Published 2004, softback, 208 pages.

2) Play The Najdorf: Scheveningen Style - John Emms

The Najdorf Sicilian is one of the most dynamic and popular openings that Black can play and is a firm favourite amongst the world’s elite players, including world number one Garry Kasparov. From very early on, Black unbalances the game to a reach a position in which one can play for the win without exceptional risk.

The soundness of the Najdorf has never been questioned, but some players can be put off by the ever-spiralling amount of theory amassed on this great opening. In Play the Najdorf: Scheveningen Style, however, Grandmaster John Emms condenses this mountain to produce a workable black repertoire against all of White's possible options. He does this by recommending only lines where Black plays e7-e6 and not those with an e7-e5 pawn formation. Emms analysis is in ten chapters depending on White's 6th move choice. Most attention goes to 6.Bc4, 6.Be3, 6.Be2, 6.Bg5, 6.f4 and 6.g3 but other possibilities are also examined. This is a black repertoire with alternatives given where the author considers current theory to be unstable and a back-up option may be required.

Originally Published 2003, softback, 192 pages.

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