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Complete Chess Workout

Complete Chess Workout

Ref: p4532

Product type: Printed book

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Richard Palliser

This tactical training book contains 1200 diagrammed puzzles aimed at the level of average club player and concentrating on the type of tactics which are most frequently encountered at that level. Tactics can be encountered at all stages of the game as reflected in the chapter titles, Attack, Opening Tricks and Traps, Skill in the Endgame and Loose Pieces and Overloading. A final chapter called Fiendish Calculation provides some more testing examples to challenge even the most able tactician. The difficulty level of the puzzles has been randomized throughout the book which reflects playing conditions more accurately than the usual graded approach. Solutions are included at the end of the book.

Richard Palliser is an English International Master and author of a number of well received chess titles.

Published 2007, softback, 318 pages.

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