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Closing Gambit (DVD)

Closing Gambit (DVD)


Product type: DVD Video

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Alan Byron (Director)

1978 Korchnoi versus Karpov and the Kremlin

The never before told story of an extraordinarily bizarre sporting event. 1978 sees World Chess Champion, Anatoly Karpov - a loyal member of the Soviet Communist Party and personal friend of the Soviet leader - take on the recently defected Russian dissident, Victor Korchnoi, for the World Chess Championship in Baguio City in the Philippines.

While at first it seemed Karpov had the obvious lead, Korchnoi retaliated with a succession of wins to level the score. It appeared the "Soviet Ice Man" had begun to melt! On the surface, it was just a game of chess, but as the world s press flocked to what became known as The Battle of Baguio, it became clear that the Soviet regime were fighting for victory on every front.

While the rivalry on the chess board continued unrelenting, the teams were embroiled in a peculiar series of espionage attempts. Parapsychologists, thought waves, flag wars, mirrored sunglasses, coded yoghurts, KGB agents and two Eastern mystics wanted for attempted murder were just some of the events that overtook chess in this dramatic world championship match.

Directed by Alan Byron, featuring Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Victor Korchnoi and many other leading chess players.

Released 2018. Video running time: 85 minutes approx. Disc format PAL, Region code: All.

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