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Classified Encyclopedia Of Chess Variants

Classified Encyclopedia Of Chess Variants

Ref: b1680

Product type: Printed book

D B Pritchard

The Classified Encyclopedia Of Chess Variants printed book is now sold out and out-of-print. The book is available (free!) as a set of PDF files available at the link below (select "Chess Variants" in the left menu and then "Classified Encyclopedia" ... in the main page)
View/download the book as PDF files

This is an expanded edition of the original Encyclopaedia of Chess Variants, published in 1994. For this edition over 200 new games have been added, and everything has been classified by type. The material for the book had been prepared by David Pritchard and, following his death in 2005, the text was completed and edited by John Beasley.

The book contains descriptions of over 1,600 games, both contemporary and historical. Some use an ordinary board and men; some use larger or smaller boards with additional pieces; some use hexagonal boards, circular boards, cylindrical and spherical boards, and boards of other shapes; some use boards in three and even more dimensions; some make use of cards or dice; some are for partnership and team play, or for several players each playing for himself. It represents the life's work of the leading expert in the field, and no book remotely similar to it is in existence.

David Brine Pritchard was a chess writer and indoor game consultant, and Britain's and probably the world's leading expert on variant and unorthodox forms of chess. He was the editor of Games and Puzzles from 1972 to 1981, and was a games director of the Mind Sports Olympiad. John Beasley is the current editor of the magazine Variant Chess, and author of several books on mathematical games and on chess problems and endgame studies.

Published 2007, 382 pages.

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