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Classical King's Indian Uncovered

Classical King's Indian Uncovered

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Krzysztof Panczyk and Jacek Ilczuk
The King's Indian is a sharp, challenging opening which was developed into a major system by Soviet Grandmasters from the 1950s onwards. World Champions with an aggressive style, such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov, perfected the King's Indian into an opening weapon to be feared throughout the chess world. In recent years, however, White players, led by World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, have hit back hard with many important new ideas.
The Classical Variation (1.d4,Nf6; 2.c4,g6; 3.Nc3,Bg7; 4.e4,d6; 5.Nf3,0-0;) is one of White's best systems against the King’s Indian. White occupies the centre and challenges Black's strategy head-on.
In The Classical King's Indian Uncovered, Krzysztof Panczyk and Jacek Ilczuk, theoreticians renowned for their original analysis, reveal the current state of theory in this opening with extensive analysis of all White's options including the Petrosian System, Gligoric System and the main Classical System beginning 7.0-0. In twelve chapters they examine both the fashionable main lines and the tricky sidelines, and provide a thorough grounding in the key tactical and positional ideas for both White and Black.
Krzysztof Panczyk is an International Master from Poland, an experienced tournament player and a knowledgeable writer. Earlier works include Ruy Lopez Exchange, co-authored with Jacek Ilczuk.
Jacek Ilczuk is a noted theoretician and powerful correspondence player who was a semi-finalist in the email World Championship. Along with Ruy Lopez Exchange, he has co-authored Offbeat Kings Indian with Panczyk.
Published 2009, softback, 384 pages.

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