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Chigorin Defence: Move By Move

Chigorin Defence: Move By Move

Ref: p442x

Product type: Printed book

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Jimmy Liew

Sample pages (pdf)

The Chigorin Defence (1 d4 d5 2 c4 Nc6) is a dynamic and provocative response to White's 1.d4. Rather than set out a defensive stall with systems based on moves such as ..e6 and ..c6, Black prefers to initiative immediate piece play in the centre.

The benefits of this strategy are that Black's queenside pieces, which are often difficult to develop in the Queen's Gambit, participate in the struggle at once. The queen's knight emerges immediately onto an active square and the path is left free for the c8-bishop to develop freely. Naturally there are also drawbacks as Black will not find it easy to establish a foothold in the centre in the early play.

The Chigorin is a perfect counterattacking weapon and will appeal to players who like to throw opponents onto their own resources at an early stage. Jimmy Liew identifies and analyses the precise moments when specific theoretical knowledge is required and also discussed plans and strategies in the quieter variations.

* Everything you need to know to play the Chigorin with confidence
* Emphasis on plans and strategies
* Written by an expert in the opening

Published 2018, softback, 336 pages.

R.R.P. 19.99 - save 4.00!

Our Price:15.99

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