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Chigorin Bible

Chigorin Bible

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Product type: Printed book

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Ivan Sokolov & Ivan Salgado Lopez

A Classic Defence to the Ruy Lopez

Sample pages (pdf)

From Ivan Soklov's introduction
"The Chigorin Variation is rich in ideas which can be used in a range of middlegame positions arising from different variations.

Understanding the strategic ideas of this complex variation is also a middlegame improvement tool and a must for anyone wanting to take his or her chess to the next level.

The current trend, developed in recent years, is for Black to capture on d4 with his e-pawn, aiming for Benoni-type pawn structure positions which lead to rather double-edged positions.

These modern developments and the current theoretical state of affairs in general are dealt with in the theoretical part of the book by my friend, Ivan Salgado.

This "Chigorin Bible" aims to be the ultimate improvement tool for club and tournament players in the variation. The first part provides the reader with a good understanding of general plans and strategic concepts and the second part provides direct theoretical knowledge.

I hope the reader will also simply enjoy playing over the games, many of which are famous historical ones. I really enjoyed selecting and analysing them."

Published 2018, softback, 350 pages.

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