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Chess Tactics Detection Workbook

Chess Tactics Detection Workbook

Ref: p4118

Product type: Printed book

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Volker Schleputz and John Emms

Sample pages (pdf)

Experts agree that regularly solving tactics is a vital component of chess training. However, it's also widely acknowledged that there is one drawback of traditional chess puzzles - when solving them students know for sure that there is a genuine tactic in the position, whereas during a real game there is no such guarantee.

In this workbook, Volker Schlepütz and Grandmaster John Emms offer a unique framework to study chess tactics independent of themes, difficulty and - most importantly - even the existence of an actual tactic in a given position. Analysing carefully selected games, from beginner level through to club and tournament level, the reader assumes the role of a tactics detective, checking for mistakes and missed opportunities by both sides without the help of a chess engine. This training method resembles live play far more realistically than solving puzzles, because each move has to be analysed with respect to tactical possibilities - whether they exist or not. The same thinking processes used in the training can then be applied in real games.

* A unique framework to practise chess tactics
* Exercises resemble over-the-board situations
* Ideal for beginners, intermediate and club player

Dr Volker Schleputz is a highly ambitious amateur chess player and a member of the Sportfreunde Katernberg chess club in Essen, Germany. Grandmaster John Emms has played for England in two Chess Olympiads and was captain of the team at the 2002 Olympiad in Bled. He's an experienced coach who has worked with World Championship finalist Michael Adams and some of the UK's top junior players. He's also a highly respected chess writer, with many outstanding works to his name.

Published 2015, softback, 330 pages.

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