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Chess Strategy In Action

Chess Strategy In Action

Ref: g8369

Product type: Printed book

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John Watson

Sample pages (pdf)

In this follow-up to the hugely popular Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy, IM John Watson continues his examination of the post Nimzowitschian development of middlegame theory.

Here, in three theory sections, he covers areas which were relatively unexplored in his earlier book: The Surrender of the Centre, Modern Understanding of Pawn Play and The Pieces in Action. He illustrates these concepts in modern practice with many examples from imaginative players such as Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand, Ivanchuk and tempestuous innovators such as Shirov and Morozevich. He explains how modern players are more willing than their predecessors to favour dynamic considerations over static ones, and how they have increasingly transcended the limiting 'rules' which influenced play in earlier times.

The final part of the book is a collection of 35 annotated games entitled "Modern Games and their Interpretation". If you enjoyed Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy then you will welcome the clarification of important concepts found here. Chess Strategy in Action can also be read on its own as an outstanding treatise on modern strategic thinking in top level chess.

Published 2003, softback, 288 pages.

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