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Chess Secrets: Great Attackers

Chess Secrets: Great Attackers

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Colin Crouch

The chess world has witnessed a great number of wonderfully gifted attacking players; geniuses who have dazzled the chess public with their brilliant masterpieces. Everyone has their own favourites, and in Chess Secrets: Great Attackers, Colin Crouch chooses three of his own: Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Tal and Leonid Stein. World Champions Kasparov and Tal need no introduction, while Stein was a highly creative and intuitive player with the ability to destroy the world's best players with his vicious attacks.

Crouch examines a phase from the career of each of Tal (1978-79) and Stein (1972-73) and two phases of Kasparov's career (1975-78 and 1978-82). By closely examining and analysing some of their best games from these periods he highlights their differing approaches, and explains some crucial themes, including the idea of controlled risk - in many sacrificial attacks even the greatest players can't always see everything to the end. A study of the 22 outstanding games in this book will provide the inspiration needed to help you play sacrificial, attacking chess.

Dr Colin Crouch is an International Master, an extremely experienced tournament player and a highly regarded chess writer. His previous books include Queens Gambit Declined: 5 Bf4!, which has been highly acclaimed for its thoroughness and originality.

Published 2009, softback, 269 pages.


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