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Chess Opening Essentials Volume 3 - Indian Defences Complete

Chess Opening Essentials Volume 3 - Indian Defences Complete

Ref: n1270

Product type: Printed book

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Dmitry Komarov, Stefan Djuric & Claudio Pantaleoni

Indian Defences, Complete

The ideas & plans behind all chess openings!

Volume 3 in this series covers the Indian defences after 1.d4. It includes the Benko Gambit, Modern Benoni, Blumenfeld Gambit, Bogo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Nimzo-Indian, Grunfeld Defence and the King's Indian Defence.

The idea of the series is to provide a solid foundation to build your opening repertoire on. It explains what you should be trying to achieve and the ideas & plans behind all chess openings, with clear indications for further study. There are verbal explanations of each opening and a detailing of key lines of play as well as diagrams of important positions and illustrative games for each section.

Beginning and improving players should look at this series before they buy ANY other chess opening book!

Series features:
* Comprehensive: covers all main variations likely to arise
* Easy-to-use: important moves and key positions are highlighted in colour
* Long-lasting: it doesn'tt outdate because it is about basics - not the latest fashions
* Complete: explains the plans and counterplans for both Black and White
* Down-to-earth: simple, verbal introductions (not a database dump full of dead trees)
* Convenient: every opening is illustrated with a number of instructive games
* Prize-winning: received the Golden Award of the Italian Chess Federation.

Published 2009, softback, 336 pages.

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