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Chess King 21 (Download)

Chess King 21 (Download)

Ref: CACK21

Product type: Software for PC

Released December 2020: New - Chess King 21

After you order & pay you will be sent an email, from Chess King, with download links and instructions, usually next day (Monday to Friday).

The new Chess King 21 is considerably improved from the original Chess King or from any of the previous versions of Chess King. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and has an updated GigaKing database with games until the end of November of 2020, a full opening tree, and many playing modes. For analysis, it includes the Grandmaster engine Rybka with a rating of 2961 ELO and an automatic installer for the engine Stockfish with a rating above 3400 ELO. It's the perfect tool for any chess player to improve at chess, by playing, analyzing one's games, solving thousands of chess exercises. Provides a complete chess program at a low price.

(Note: A new Mac version is in preparation. It will be compatible with 10.15 Catalina, 10.16 Big Sur and also with the new Mac Silicon. This product is the Windows version only.)

BONUS: To help you improve faster, a 3-month Free subscription to 60 Complete Chess King courses from Chess King Learn is included. They can be used on any computer browser (Mac or PC), and on any portable device (iOS or Android). The courses can also be downloaded to your device and used offline.

Includes the Grandmaster engine Rybka (ELO 2961) and an automatic installer for Stockfish with ELO over 3400.

The PC version is compatible with all Windows versions from 7, 8 to the most recent Windows 10.
It can be installed and used in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.
Internet connection required only to download the program.

Chess King will help you improve at chess. It's complete with all the best tools, and it's easy to use for all levels. Play, learn, analyze, prepare for your opponent, store your own games and share them to the world.

Main features of Chess King 21
• Grandmaster engine Rybka
• Automatic installer for Stockfish engine
• Huge opening tree with evaluations and success for each move
• GigaKing 2020 games database of over 7 million games
• Classical (any level), Random, Puzzle (1500 puzzles) and Quest modes (100 games)
• Prepare for your opponent, opening and custom trees

Description of Chess King 21
Chess King 21 is a new and versatile tool for chess players and is an ideal introduction for the beginner, a challenging opponent for the practiced amateur, and an invaluable coach for the aspiring master. Chess King 21 emphasizes simplicity of use in training players. However, it is more than just a traditional training program as it includes an extremely strong chess engine and a huge professional database. It is also a convenient tool for analyzing and studying one's opponent before facing them at a tournament.

Buying Chess King 21 is like getting several products and paying only for one, a professional chess software playing and analysis system, the largest game database available GigaKing, the grandmaster chess engines Rybka and Stockfish, 1500 chess puzzles for all chess levels, a unique random playing mode, and much, much more.

* Included: Rybka
* GigaKing Database of over 7 million games
* Full opening tree
* Chess puzzles, over one hundred opening positions
* Photos of over 1600 chess players
* Rybka - a chess engine rated well above 2900 Elo is a good choice for analysis. Considering such a strong engine can be frustrating to play against, Rybka includes various kinds of handicaps that can be set up using the Chess King interface

The GigaKing database is updated up to the end of 2020 and includes a full opening tree. Full Chess960 support. The program is very easy to use, with several video tutorials available on the publisher's site and a possibility to send questions and feedback to the manufacturers.

System requirements: Windows 10/8/7, internet connection for download.
User manual (pdf)
Software owners support email: support@chessking.com

Our Price:42.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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