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Chess Informant 115 (PC-CD)

Chess Informant 115 (PC-CD)

Ref: yin115cd

Product type: Software for PC

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Aleksandar Matanovic (Ed)

Volume 115 "Speedmaster edition" features:
Garry's Choice 115 - 3rd edition - exclusive column by Garry Kasparov. The 13th World champion dissects top games of modern chess / in English, 11 pages.
Old Wine in New Bottles - New educational column by well-known author GM Mihail Marin, in English, 12 pages.
Top Three - exclusive, deep annotations by world top players, Olympad champion Sergei Movsesian, Olympiad bronze medalist Andrei Volokitin and Ukrainian star Zahar Efimenko / in English, 15 pages.
One country - Serbia - textual annotations by Olympiad team GMs Ivanisevic, Perunovic, Markus, Sedlak and Popovic / , in English, 13 pages.
CI Labs 115 - Eight theoretical surveys with original analyses by GMs Erdos (A11), Sumets (B 07), Pap (B12), Perunovic (B22), Leitao (B94), Djukic (C11), Ivanisevic (C63) and Sulskis (C80), in English, 43 pages.
Rising Stars - World junior champion Alexander Ipatov, 7 pages.
In memoriam - GM Svetozar Gligoric, in English, 8 pages.
Guest column by BCM, annotated game by Andrew Martin, in English, 3 pages.
Portrait of Nikita Vitiugov - The best from his career so far, in Informant non-language style, 13 pages
Games - traditional section with 200+ annotated games, Morozevich, Movsesian, Volokitin, Shankland, Bartel, Sargissian, Ki. Georgiev, Macieja, Tiviakov, Roiz, Berg, etc. In Informant non-language style, 152 pages.
Standard Chess Informant content: Rising Stars, Contest for the best game and novelty, Combinations, Endings, Excellent moves, Problems by M.Velimirovic, Studies by Y.Afek, Tournaments report..., 63 pages.

System requirements: Win XP/Vista/7. The PC-CD includes viewing software and a free supplement of all the games from Chess Informant 114 in PGN format.

Published 2012.

Our Price:4.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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