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Chess Informant 111 PC-CD

Chess Informant 111 PC-CD

Ref: yin111cd

Product type: Software for PC

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Aleksandar Matanovic (Ed)

Chess Informant 111, Anniversary edition offers a thoroughly refined selection of 301 annotated games and 250 accompanying game fragments from January to April 2011 on 328 pages. Featuring games from Wijk aan Zee, Gibraltar, Moscow, Capppelle la Grande, Monaco (rapid), European Ch. Aix-les-Bains, China (ch), USA (ch), etc.
In total there arer 103 contributors from 31 countries, and among them 76 Grandmasters and 16 International Masters.

This Volume includes the voting for the ten best games and the ten most important theoretical novelties from Chess Informant 110, theoretical survey in ECO format, the most interesting recent combinations, excellent moves, endings, chess problems and studies, tournament standings and crosstables, articles “Chess History” and “Women and Chess”, the best of Alexander Grischuk’s creative output. Column "Chess Informant Labs" by W. So, I. Ivanisevic, Bo. Vuckovic, M. Perunovic, R. Markus and D. Solak, covers six interesting lines from openings B 12, C 41, C 70, D 76, E 35-37 and E 68.

System requirements: Win XP/Vista/7. The PC-CD includes viewing software and a free supplement of all the games from Chess Informant 110 in PGN format.

Published 2011.

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