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Chess Explained: The Modern Benoni

Chess Explained: The Modern Benoni

Ref: g0077

Product type: Printed book

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Zenon Franco

Sample pages (pdf)

This book offers a handy introduction to the Modern Benoni for those thinking of taking up the Black side. Franco offers plenty of explanation of both sides' strategies in all the key systems and illustrates these through 25, extensively annotated, key games. The eight chapters cover all White's main options and offer a repertoire for Black to combat these.

Zenon Franco is a Grandmaster from Paraguay who now lives in Spain.

Key features:
* 25 recent and highly instructive games discussed in detail
* Chapter introductions and conclusions emphasize the key points
* Full indexes of games and variations
* Extensive verbal explanations of plans and manoeuvres

Published 2007, softback, 111 pages.

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