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Chess Exam And Training Guide: Tactics

Chess Exam And Training Guide: Tactics

Ref: i7611

Product type: Printed book

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Igor Khmelnitsky

60 diagrams & 120 total questions of varying difficulty.

Comprehensive answers includes diagrams for easy reading away from the chessboard.

Distributions of answers, percentiles and other statistical reports by rating group from unrated to 2400+. Match yourself against players of all levels, up to grandmaster and see how you stock up.

Results evaluated and Rating assigned overall & by 29 distinct categories: Motive: Misplaced Piece, Advanced Pawn, Lack of Protection, Back Rank Mate, Mating Net, Simplification. Theme: In-Between Move, Decoy, Interference, Clearance, Deflection, Discovered Attack, Double Attack, Removal of the Guard, Pin, Skewer, Trap. Objective: Checkmate, Force a Draw, Win Material, Pawn Promotion, Reaching Standard Endgame. Stage: Opening vs. Middlegame vs. Endgame Situation: Attack vs. Defense Result: Win vs. Draw

Comprehensive reports on each of the categories with examples, training recommendations and book/materials suggestions.

Published 2007, softback, 206 pages.

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