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Chess Exam: Matches Against Legends

Chess Exam: Matches Against Legends

Ref: i7610

Product type: Printed book

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Igor Khmelnitsky

You vs Bobby Fischer

The latest in the popular "Chess Exam" training series presents diagrammed examples from Fischer's games. In each position you take the place of Fischer's opponent. In a multiple choice test you are asked to assess the position and come up with the best move. Based on your answers, you are awarded rating points and a score in your "match" with Fischer. The tests are intended to be both educational and entertaining. This book can easily be followed without a board.

Contents include:
60 diagrams with multiple-choice questions of varied complexity.
Comprehensive answers with diagrams to make reviewing easier.
Distributions of answers and other statistical reports by rating.
Ratings are assigned Overall and by 13 distinct categories.
Bonus section: 20-exercise warm-up, tie-breaker, tips and training suggestions

Igor Khmelnitsky is an International Chess Master with over 25 years of playing and coaching experience. This is his third book in the best-selling "Chess Exam" series.

Published 2009, softback, 190 pages.

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