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Chess Combinations For Club Players (PC-CD)

Chess Combinations For Club Players (PC-CD)


Product type: Software for PC

In stock

Combinations for Club Players is an indispensable training tool for club players. Improve your play by solving exercises with Combinations. Its ease of use lets you focus on what matters most: your improvement.

This course includes more than 2000 exercises on the following topics: "annihilation of defence", "decoy", "interception", "distraction".
There is plenty of feedback and opportunities to track your progress.

•Study the training material and test your knowledge
•Review your rating history
•Keep track of the progress of multiple users. Compete against your friends and family members
•Practice by playing against a chess program
•Rating: 1400-1800 ELO
•Difficulty: club player and intermediate player
•Topics: Tactics, Middlegame

System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 50 Mb of free disk space, Windows 10/7/XP. No additional software required.
Published 2010.

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