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Chess Calculation Training: Volume 2

Chess Calculation Training: Volume 2

Ref: t1015

Product type: Printed book

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Romain Edouard

Sample pages (pdf)

The 2nd volume of the "Chess Calculation Training" series focuses on endgames.

There are a lot of things to learn "by heart" about endgames but they are often difficult to apply at the board, unless you get exactly the same position as you studied. This is why it is an interesting approach to present an endgame book as a series of exercises, with instructive but practical positions.

As in Volume 1, a lot of calculation will be required. The major difference between middlegame and endgame training is, of course, the limited material on the board. This means the patterns you discover in training are much more likely to appear in your games.

Solving the exercises of this book will help you improve your endgame knowledge and understanding as well as your calculation skills.

This book contains 10 chapters. The first, as in Volume 1, is a warm-up. Then you will work on endings from all possible angles: technical wins, tactical wins, drawing moves, and so on. Another very important chapter is "Test your reflexes!". Reflexes are a key element in becoming a good endgame player.

Published 2017, softback, 276 pages.

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