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Chess Cafe Puzzle Book 2

Chess Cafe Puzzle Book 2

Ref: r9043

Product type: Printed book

In stock

Karsten Muller

Much more than just a "Puzzle Book", this a unique chess strategy instructional primer for intermediate and advanced players. The main part of the book contains positional tests and exercises designed to help players improve their command of strategy.

Topics include: Good and Bad Bishops; Domination; Outposts; Undermining; Opening the Position; Blockade; Improving Piece Placement; Prophylaxis; A Second Front and The Principle of Two Weaknesses; Counterplay; Positional Exchange Sacrifice; Simplification; and Weak Color Complex. The first chapters examine some typical positional motifs; these are followed by exercises to test your ability and understanding. Solutions and explanations are provided at the end.

Karsten Muller is a German Grandmaster and accomplished author.

Published 2008, softback, 273 pages.

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